8 weeks 5 days

Okay, so I’m currently 8 weeks and 5 days along.

My last update probably explained how I was feeling good apart from needing to pee and my sore boobs. Now, they are the least of my problems.

Our trip to NZ went of without a hitch, thankfully I was still feeling pretty okay last week but come Saturday, everything started going downhill. When I woke up Saturday morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I had ZERO motivation and felt sooo sick and dizzy I couldn’t move too fast. I ended up spending the whole day on the couch. And so began the start of morning sickness…

Ha! Morning sickness! Seriously, who came up with that name?

I am kind of lucky in a sense that I haven’t been throwing up… but I have been feeling soooo¬†nauseous and am constantly dry retching that I may as well just be throwing up too. And it will hit me whenever it feels like it. Definitely when I first wake up in the morning, and then various times scattered throughout the day. The worst part is that I know there is nothing I can do for it.

The other horrible effect I am dealing with is constant heartburn. Oh my god… it’s non stop, unrelenting pain in my chest.

Ant and I went to the doctors this morning for my 8 week checkup. Not a lot happened there. Our doctor took my blood pressure and went through my blood test results and everything was all fine. I did ask her about the heartburn and she gave me a prescription for some Zantac which I can take twice a day to help relieve it. I took some as soon as I walked out of the chemist as it was becoming really bad again but I don’t think it’s started working yet nearly 5 hours later.

I keep joking (maybe) to Ant that after this child, we’ll be adopting if we want any more.

So that’s where we are at. I haven’t mentioned the constant tiredness, the urge to always pee, the need to buy bigger bras already (Okay, so that’s a plus for now!!), the trouble sleeping, feeling the heat, dizzyness, and thinking you’re extremely hungry then getting a third of the way through a meal and feeling waaayyy too full to finish any more.

Pregnancy, sounds like a piece of cake huh? Apparently I’ve got just one more month before things start to get a bit better… or as my doctor put it this morning…

“Yep, this is the boring bit where all you really do is feel like crap!”

Gee, thanks lady!

Now i’m off to take more Zantac and maybe have a nap at my desk ūüėČ


5 Weeks and 6 days

(Post written at 2:58pm 12th October 2012)

Dear Baby M,

Well it’s been a funny few days around here lately and gosh I’ve been tired. I find myself wanting to have a nap in the afternoons at my desk, lucky I’m in an office by myself and the only people who would bust me asleep would be either your Pa or your Uncle, LOL! Guess there is an upside to working with your family (apart from being able to write blog posts at your desk! haha!)

I’ve also started to get heartburn but thankfully still not sign of morning sickness. Tomorrow is the 6 week mark so I really hope it doesn’t come on then.

I went and saw our doctor the other day… her name is Kim and I’m sure you’re going to like her as well. She’s going to take good care of us. I went to visit her as your daddy had shared his cold with me and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take anything to help ease it. She told me ¬†no, I wasn’t allowed to take anything at all anymore, even any herbal tablets.

She also gave me a tonne of forms and referrals  for other doctors and blood tests and a headful of information that I struggled to remember because there seemed to be sooo much to take in.

I could have really used your daddy being there as he is the one that is good at¬†remembering¬†those sorts of things… especially¬†because¬†I seem to have trouble remembering some things these days! Your Aunty Jen tells me it’s the start of baby brain and it’s only going to get worse!

I managed to understand that I needed to go and get blood tests done asap as we are going to New Zealand on the 18th Oct (Yup, next week… Oh, on a side note about New Zealand too, we are going to watch your daddy play paintball. I’m really hoping morning sickness doesn’t kick in this week as we are staying in an apartment over there with four of your dads friends and it will be really hard to hide the fact you exist if I’m sick, not drinking and not smoking. So if we can just lay off the morning sickness that would be fabulous okay little one?) and Dr. Kim wanted to make sure everything was all okay before we flew. I also needed to go and buy some flight stockings and also book in for our first scan.

I have¬†managed¬†to do all these things. Our scan is booked in for the 30th November at 9am. I soooo can’t wait. You will be 12 weeks and 6 days then and we will get to see you for the first time. Your daddy and I are both so excited even though it feels like forever away!

After having my blood tests done the other day, I received a phone call from the doctors surgery last night. Apparently my Vitamin D is too low so I now need to start taking a supplement to keep us healthy. That now makes Folic Acid and Vitamin D I am taking, but that is all. I found the Vitamin D deficiency to be strange because I love being out in the sun so much, although we are in Melbourne and haven’t seen too much of it lately… and I am a natural red head so I do have a small aversion to too much sunlight. (I hope you get your fathers skin, not mine!)

We also did a little bit of shopping last night too, we went and bought some DVDs. One of the ones I picked out was “What to expect when you’re expecting”.¬†We got home with our Hungry Jacks (Which was amazing!) and put on the movie.

It made us laugh in places an nearly cry in places (Okay, I cried…) and made us cringe in others.

It made us think about you and everything that can and will happen. It’s such a scary time in our lives, all we can do is hope and pray that you are cooking away nicely, all snug in my tummy.

So stay safe little one, we already love you so much!


5 weeks and 1 day

Post written at 11:12am on Monday 8th October 2012

Dear Baby M,

I think I know you’re there now. Well, I certainly know something is going on with my body anyway. I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping the last few nights. I’ll be absolutely buggered and crawl into bed around 8:30pm and then be wide awake. When I do finally drift off I seem to be waking up at least 5 or 6 times a night and have trouble getting comfy. I never realised this happens so early on. I thought it was something that would happen as my belly starts to get larger but no, from what I’ve read and from what your Aunties have told me, it’s pretty common from the start.

My immune system is also pretty weak at the moment. You must be taking all the nutrients out of me and not leaving me with much left over for myself. Not long after you were conceived, before we even knew about you I got gastro for the first time in my life and now two weeks later I have woken up with a cold. I seem to be susceptible to everything at the moment when normally it takes a lot for me to get sick.

I’m off to see our doctor today, I’m not booked in for my first appointment with her for another few more weeks yet but seeing as I woke up feeling so lousy today I thought I’d pay her a visit and see if there is anything else I can be doing or taking to help my body cope with all these changes so we’ll see what she has to say.

Until then xx

Dear Baby M

(This post was written at 9:03am on 6th October 2012, due to being in the early stages of my pregnancy I thought I would write these posts and schedule them for when I hit the 3 month mark)

Dear Baby M,

Wow! Two days ago now your daddy and I found out you had decided to take up camp inside my tummy.

We’re still a little in disbelief but so very excited. It all feels a little surreal. We’re going to be parents, Holy crap!!

I guess it feels so surreal because I don’t feel any different. I am lucky in the fact that at the moment you haven’t caused me any morning sickness (Thank you for that!) although I am sure it will come at some stage, the only thing I have that gives me any indication that you are there is the constant urge to go to the toilet and my tender, oh so bloody tender breasts.

You are currently nearly 5 weeks along and just a tiny speck of a thing, around 1.4mm apparently.

Your date to arrive into this world is 8th of June 2013, exactly 245 days from now. We’ll see if you have your¬†Mummy’s tendency to be early for things or your Daddy’s ability to be late for everything!

Keep cooking away Baby M, we can’t wait to meet you!


Garden Overhaul Stage 2

So, we’ve been busy in the garden lately. Well, as much as Melbourne weather will allow us to be.

I thought I’d give you all an update on where we’re at.

We have started pulling plants out of the garden beds and either giving them to friends or relocating them to a new spot. In my last post (Garden Overhaul Stage 1) I showed this photo, showing what our garden looked like:

Before we started the overhaul

Midway, before we moved the yucca over:


Here is now what that same bed looks like:

Stage 2 of the Garden Overhaul

As you can see, we have removed quite a lot. My girlfriend took all the roses for her mother and the rosemary bush. I pulled out quite a few of the pansies (and the rest will be going shortly too) and we have moved the yucca over so we can pull out that small section of the garden bed and extend the pergola. We have also planted a Cabernet Cordyline to add some colour. The yucca/cordyline pattern will be continued down the rest of that garden bed too with some sort of flowers in the to add some colour.

I’m not sure what to do about that¬†passion-fruit¬†just yet. It looks like it will be ¬†beautiful rather shortly so we are contemplating moving it down just a little although how it will go being transplanted I have no idea just yet (Does anyone have any ideas here?)

We also found out the name of the Shaggy Dog plant (You can see it on the very right of the photo). It is a Mini Cog Acacia, an Australian native, and it shall be staying in the garden. We think we might relocate it to the front garden though which will one day become a courtyard (We’re on a corner block so we’ll extend the backyard)

I know it’s all looking a little bare compared to how it looked but once we finish getting things planted and put more mulch down it shall be much simpler but still just as beautiful. I’ve also yet to decide what sort of flowers I do want in that garden bed but I do have a funny feeling that for every freesia and jonquil bulb I did manage to pull out of the garden beds I left 2 or 3 in there so no doubt over time I will have plenty of flowers popping up anyway.

I’ll try and get some photos up of the front yard and what we’ve been doing there, just thought I’d give a quick update on that small garden bed for now. We’ve also been busy working away on our To-Do List (And adding to it!!) so I’ll have an update on that soon too!

For now, I’m just going to keep enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having =)

Garden Overhaul Stage 1

Yep, okay so another two weeks have gone by since my last post. I am getting really naughty with this aren’t I?

I have been so flat out with work lately, it has not been funny. I am in the middle of starting my own business. It’s been a year now and it’s starting to build faster than I had anticipated and there’s only me… That means my job description is Boss lady, Accounts, Designer, Printer, Saleslady and… cleaner! haha! You can see why I’m so busy =)

Not only that though, but in any spare time we have, we are busy doing work around the house.

Our hot water service died on us the other day too, we were always planning on getting a new one as our hot water was only lasting around fifteen minutes, apparently the gas valve or some such thing had gone in it, and then it just completely stopped working. We weren’t planning on replacing it so soon but we didn’t really have a choice in the end. I guess that’s called “Welcome to being a home owner”. LOL! I do slightly miss being able to call the landlord and say “Fix it now please!!” without it costing us anything, but on the upside, this place is all ours to do with as we please.


The gardens need quite a bit of thinning out. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful plants in our garden, but there are far too many of them and no real order to anything.

In one garden bed we have a mix of yuccas, freesias, jonquils, pansies, roses, rosemary,¬†passion fruit and some sort of little shrub that my husband has called “Shaggy dog” ¬†because we are yet to find out it’s name (Do you know it?). Quite a mix hey?

A mix of yuccas, roses, freesias, jonquils, pansies and more

A closer look


Another example: In another garden bed there is a beautiful magnolia that is currently flowering, box hedges, daisies, a lemon tree, two native gums (I think they are gums) another ‘Shaggy dog’ and some sort of hedge.

The other garden bed – Magnolia, Daisies, Lemon tree…

And don’t even get me started on the front garden.

You can see my problem. There is just too much going on and come Spring (Which is now only 2 weeks away) everything is going to flourish and instead of looking neat and tidy (Remember, I’m a neat freak guys!) it’s going to look like a mish-mash or craziness.

Hence, the thinning out part.

My plan for today (should the Melbourne weather oblige me) is to get in there and make a start on it. I’m a drought tolerant, hardy plant type of girl so most of the plants will be going, except for the yuccas.

I love clean lines and easy to maintain gardens and am thankful the garden beds are already here as it saves us having to build them.

I have a girlfriend coming over today too so she’s going to take the roses and a few other bits and pieces (Whatever I can convince her to take! haha!) and then we can finish clearing out the garden beds and start planning.

The other reason why we need to take them out is because we are going to extend the pergola by a meter or two and we can’t do that until the beds are clear.

Our pergola

Please excuse the lawn too, we currently do not have a lawn mower so it has been a little neglected. I also need to buy some ‘weed and feed’ for it.

So there you have it. I will keep you updated on our progress… oh and did I mention I am also looking after my four nieces today? With Miss A being 4, the twins being 5 and oldest Miss M being 6 I wonder how much we’ll get done? =)

Our first D.I.Y Project

See, I told you it wouldn’t be long between updates =)

I thought while I was on a roll this morning with the last blog post I’d grab another coffee and sit down to write this one.

After all the crazyness of moving we were finally settled enough to be able to do a few things around the house. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some boxes that have been left unpacked but these are out in the man-cave (Yes, my hubby will have a man cave… although if he doesn’t start unpacking it soon I may claim it as a studio space!)

Our first little project was putting up mug hooks like we had in our old rental. (You may remember what my old kitchen looked like from this post)

I always thought it was such a great idea as then our mugs didn’t take up cupboard space, they were easy to find, and we had a little coffee station all setup in one area.

So, after doing our first trip to Bunnings as home owners (And can I say, Bunnings is soooo much better when you have your own home!) we stocked up on hooks and proceeded to peruse the store for a good hour as you do. All of a sudden, Ant proclaims that he needs a new drill in order to put these hooks in.

Most times I’m pretty good at keeping Ant out of the tool section. It’s a dangerous place in there for a man. It seems once they walk in they get sucked into this vortex and it’s hard to get them back out without your bank account looking rather sad. It really is like a game with us but only this day, I failed! Before I knew it Ant was in there picking up all sorts of different drills; cordless drills, cordless hammer drills, cordless driver drills… I mean come on, a drill is a drill isn’t it?

Stupid question Kayla. I then proceeded to get a lecture on just why a drill wasn’t just a drill… and why he couldn’t just get the $150 one, he needed the $400 one.

An hour and a half later (See, I told you it was a vortex) we emerged with our hooks and a new fancy ‘Makita combo kit’ that Ant assured me he had to have.

Anyways, I digress.

When we got home Ant was super eager to use his new tools. I guess that is the one good thing about him buying new tools. He wants to use them straight away so it was onto our first D.I.Y project.

Before: No hooks

Marking up where the hooks will go

The hooks we used. They were 32mm long to fit the mug handles perfectly.

The finished effect – minus my coffee cup from this morning!

Doesn’t it look good? It was only a small job but it was so satisfying especially knowing we could drill holes in things and wouldn’t get in trouble because the house was all ours.

We’ve done a few other small jobs since then and I will get around to updating the past post on our outdoor table. I am still yet to paint the outdoor chairs but even without them painted, the new cushions on them make it look 100 times better already. The Melbourne weather hasn’t quite lent itself to painting lately as its been quite windy and raining but hopefully I’ll get the chance this weekend.

I’m also planning on painting our bar fridge and if all goes well then I’ll do the kitchen fridge too so stay tuned for that update too, hopefully I don’t destroy our fridge in the process, LOL!

I’m out of coffee again so it’s time for one more before I begin the housework (Oh a woman’s work is never done!)


And we are now (broke) homeowners!

Well, Where do I start?

Time has just flown by, I’ve barely had time to get onto the internet let alone write a blog post. Sorry guys!

I think I will try and break these last two weeks down into 2 or 3 posts as so much has happened… too much for 1 post.

When I left off last time we had just been told that Settlement had been delayed indefinitely but there was a chance we could still move in on Friday as planned if we signed a License Agreement.

We did this.

Thursday night we completed our final inspection on the house and were soooo excited that the following day we could be getting the keys to our new home. Mark, the Agent, met us at the house to begin the inspection… while the current owners were there (talk about awkward!).

Okay, it was awkward at first as I wanted to have a good look around the property and make sure there weren’t any glaring issues that hadn’t been there on our previous inspections (hard to do when the current owners are watching your every move) but they were pretty easy going and everything seemed in pretty good order so we all eventually made our way out to the backyard just to discuss our impending moves and the excitement of it all.¬†The owners assured us they would be out by 4pm at the latest so we would be all good to get the keys and start moving in. YAY!

So after a restless nights sleep because I was more excited than a kid at Christmas, I awoke Friday morning and MOVING DAY WAS HERE!

Hubby and I had both decided that we would go to work for half the day as there wasn’t much we could do till we got the keys.

1:30pm rolls around and Ant arrives at my work, ready for us to take the trailer load of things we had stored at my work to our new house. (Well, back to his parents anywhos till we got the call to say come and get the keys)

We arrived back at Ant’s parent’s place and continued loading up the car and trailer, all the while anxiously waiting for our phones to ring and by 4:30 we still hadn’t heard anything. By this stage I was getting quite impatient and worried that we weren’t going to get them… Even to the stage where I started snapping at Ant (Sorry babe, I know it wasn’t your fault… Guess I was just a little edgy) and thankfully just after 5pm we got the phone-call from the Agent to say we could come and get the keys. Woohoo!!

So off we head, down to his office to collect the keys to our new home. By this stage we were both so excited we just wanted to snatch the keys out of the agents hands and head around to look at our new place but he had other ideas; He wanted to stand around and chat. I had to stop myself from screaming at him “JUST GIVE US THE KEYS ALREADY”… I mean really, we’ve been looking forward to this moment for the last 10 weeks and he wanted to stand around for half an hour and just make small talk? Can you blame me for wanting to do a snatch and run? (Don’t get me wrong either, I really liked our agent… but I really¬†wanted to go see our new house)

Anyway, I did the polite thing and made the small talk until finally there was a break in conversation and we could make a hasty retreat and before we knew it, we were on our way to our new home.

When we got there it was such a surreal feeling. Walking up to the front door to unlock it for the first time was a bit awkward too. We had 7 keys to pick from and it felt like a game of chance, seeing which one of us would pick the right key that unlocked the door.

On the fifth try I finally found the right key… and we were in!

Ant and I kind of just stood and stared at each other with stupid grins on our faces taking the moment all in. We were finally in our own home (that we hadn’t yet paid for).

It didn’t take us long to make a start on unpacking the things we had bought with us, and within an hour we had most of his family there to help us unload. The boys then headed down to the storage unit to retrieve our mattress so we could spend our first night in our new house.

After sorting through the few things that we had with us (I can’t stand things just sitting around… I had to make a start on what we had there already) the boys arrived back with not just our mattress but our couches, bed frames, coffee table, outdoor chairs, entertainment unit and a few other bits and bobs.

I couldn’t believe it. After getting all that furniture setup in their places already the place was looking like a home. I also worried that there wouldn’t be anything left for the removalists to do that were booked for the next day.

That first night was a lot of fun and just consisted of drinking and fish and chips and watching the footy.

We finally crawled into bed, which was just our mattress on the floor (the boys had brought the frame around but had forgotten part of the footing so we couldn’t set it up) and I don’t think Ant or I could have been more content.

Saturday morning arrives and so began the crazyness of moving the rest of our stuff in.

It took the removalists, Ant and his friend an hour and a half to load the truck at the storage unit and an hour to unload it at our new house, saving us a small fortune thanks to the boys managing to get so much stuff out the night before.

The removalists were fantastic (If you’re in Melbourne, they’re called That’s Quick Removals) and were friendly, fast and efficient and by the time they left I had boxes piled in each room ready to unpack.

We also had a whole heap of our friends come around to help us unpack which made the process so much easier. We had people everywhere moving boxes around and unpacking things. It didn’t take long for me to have the whole kitchen unpacked and setup ready to go. Then onto the bathroom, laundry, lounge room… you get the drift (Do you remember The Jetsons tv show? In one episode Rosey, the robot maid is on a cleaning frenzy through the house and constantly says “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. This sums me up pretty well, I couldn’t relax till everything was nearly done and unpacked. It’s not a disorder but may borderline on OCD, Yes… I’m a bit anal but I blame my mother!)

By that afternoon we really did have a home that was filled with some of our closest friends and family that had graciously come around to help us set up our home (Thanks guys!) and it was time to pop the bubbly!

Needless to say, not much got done after that but that was okay, we had done enough.

I remember looking around the backyard at everyone and a complete feeling on contentment washed over me. We had done it, we had bought our first house and made it a home.

I got Ant started on a few DIY projects later that week but I’ll keep those for another post.

To save this from becoming a tl;dr ¬†(too long, didn’t read) post I’ll leave it here but be sure there will be another update very soon on what we’ve been up to since we moved in.

We are all settled now and it doesn’t feel like we are just staying in some strangers house anymore and as I sit here this morning drinking my coffee in our backyard I couldn’t be happier!





Oh F… Dear

Oh… dear!!!! ¬†(Not what I really said)

So after just pushing publish on my post yesterday (From old to new) I got a phone call from our Conveyancer. In that post I mentioned how I was waiting to hear from our Conveyancer so I knew what cheques I needed to draw for our settlement tomorrow.

I had spent the day baby sitting my gorgeous five month old nephew Patrick and sneaking in a quick blog post while he was happily playing on the carpet. My gorgeous sister in law had just returned from the hairdressers and was preparing Patrick’s afternoon feed when my phone rang. It was our Conveyancer.¬†Hallelujah!!! She was a day early and it looked like I was going to have all of today to nick around and organise what needed to be done.

As soon as I heard her voice though my excitement quickly died away. Something was up. Something really bad was up.

Her words to me:

“Settlement has been cancelled”

Ohhhh….. FDear!!!!!

She went on to garble all this legal babble at me and all I can remember is my mind spinning and wondering what the hell we were going to do. The removalists were booked, we had Friday afternoon off work and Monday which gave us three and a half days to move in. The electricity and gas were all set to be connected and so was the internet. I also remember her briefly mentioning license agreement, breach of contract, default notice, extra fees and court. That was pretty much all I heard.

Once she had finished she was waiting for me to say something, all I managed was a “What does all that mean?”

She went on to explain that our Vendors, the people we were buying the house off, had bought another house and because of the way their finance was structured, their bank required both settlements to happen on the same day. The house they had bought was unable to be settled on Friday which then meant that our settlement couldn’t go through either. She also explained that she had no idea when settlement would go through as they hadn’t specified it at all.

She then started giving me our options.

We could serve a default notice on the Vendors as they were in breach of the contract. This would mean they would have 14 days to complete the contract or we could walk away from the house. It would cost them $440 plus any out of pocket expenses we would incur ¬†as a result of the delayed settlement. Also, if it ended up in court then we would need to have been seen as doing everything necessary to keep the contract alive. The idea of court freaked me out a little, I mean seriously, all we want is the keys to our new home. We don’t want to walk away from it or end up in some nasty court battle that could go on for years and cost us a small fortune!

The other option was that the vendors were willing to let us have a License Agreement on the proviso that our conveyancer prepared the document at our expense.

Hold up, What? You delay our settlement and then want us to wear the costs?

Our conveyancer went on to explain what a License Agreement was. It’s an agreement that allows us to move into the property tomorrow even without settlement going through. It means that we take¬†possession¬†of the house as originally planned, and everything I had organised for the move would stay the same. The only difference is, we wouldn’t have paid for the house yet and nor would we be paying rent.

I was quite sketchy of the idea at first until our conveyancer explained this happens all the time and that as long as we had insurance on the place (Which we already do) then she could write up the agreement and sign it on our behalf and it would business as usual for us.

She also explained that because it wasn’t our fault settlement was delayed, she could write to the vendor’s conveyancer and inform them that we would take the License Agreement if the Vendors wore the cost of the preparation (Which is $250) or we would issue a default notice which would cost them $440.

By this stage my mind was spinning too much but I was too happy that there was a possibility we could still move in tomorrow as planned. We kind of know the Vendors, Anthony went to school with the wife, she was in his younger sisters year level, so we didn’t want it to get nasty. We just wanted the keys!

We decided that we would take the License Agreement and wear the cost of it ourselves to keep the peace and ensure we could move in tomorrow. It will also cost us extra now for the extra time our conveyancer has to put in reorganising settlement. All up it will be around an extra $400 we are out of pocket but hey, if we get the keys tomorrow I don’t care! It also means that we don’t actually start paying our mortgage until settlement does go through so by the time it does we may have saved $400ish out of payments anyway.

Crisis averted!! 

After a few calming glasses of wine last night we are now on track to do our final inspection on the property tonight with the real estate agent and will be all set to move into our new house tomorrow, that we haven’t paid for!

Now, let’s just all cross our fingers that nothing else unexpected happens and we can live happily ever after!

From old to new

Oops, once again more time has past between posts than I ever meant.¬†Things have been so hectic lately with preparing for the move and work that I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write. But do you know what? We have only 2 more sleeps to go till we get the keys to our new house, YAY! I am sooo excited I can’t believe we are so close now.

I am still waiting for our conveyancer to get me the final amounts we need for settlement, which is a pain in the bum. I am a super duper organised person and hate leaving things till the last minute so this is slightly killing me. I think its more the fact that I feel if I am  organised, then I am prepared, which means there is less likely hood for something to go wrong. She assures me I will have them tomorrow, the day before settlement. She better bloody hope she gets them to me because otherwise settlement is going to be delayed and I will not be responsible for my actions if that happens.

Amongst all this excitement I remembered a few things I wanted to do before we moved in. On my list of things to do was a new outdoor setting. The one we have I bought off Ebay for a steal at $70 but now it is old and green and just not very nice looking.

I currently have new cushions on layby for it to freshen it up a bit but decided that instead of spending $300-$400 on a new setting I would try and paint the one we have. Well, so far it’s coming up fabulous.

I made a trip to our local Bunnings yesterday and purchased a primer and a lovely metallic charcoal spray paint and then set about making our old table new again.

The old green table, just after I had first wiped it down with prepsol

One of the edges of the table, you can see how scratched, faded and worn it is

After cleaning and wiping down the table the next step was to mask the glass so I could spray without worrying about the primer and paint going everywhere. Fortunately, being a sign-writer as well I was able to mask easily using app tape I had. I simply just rolled out lengths across the table and then ran around the edge of the metal with my¬†Stanley¬†knife giving me a perfect edge. Then the next step was to give it it’s first coat of primer to protect the paint. Here I used White Knight’s Rust Guard Primer.

First coat of Primer

I let the first coat of primer dry for about half an hour before giving it a second coat, let it dry for just over an hour and then gave it the first coat of paint. I chose White Knight Metallic Charcoal as charcoal goes with everything these days and wouldn’t date anytime soon.

After the first coat of paint… She’s looking good!!!

I left it to dry yesterday and today and shall give it another coat tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how it all looks when it’s done and the masking has come off. I have also decided I shall do the chairs too, once we get them out of storage that is =)

I shall post a complete finished photo of it once I have all the setting finished and it’s all set up in our new house with the new cushions. Not a bad way to update old furniture hey? And it only cost me $20! Score!


Here is the paint I used too, just if you’re interested…

The awesome paint I used. It’s coming up a treat!