8 weeks 5 days

Okay, so I’m currently 8 weeks and 5 days along.

My last update probably explained how I was feeling good apart from needing to pee and my sore boobs. Now, they are the least of my problems.

Our trip to NZ went of without a hitch, thankfully I was still feeling pretty okay last week but come Saturday, everything started going downhill. When I woke up Saturday morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I had ZERO motivation and felt sooo sick and dizzy I couldn’t move too fast. I ended up spending the whole day on the couch. And so began the start of morning sickness…

Ha! Morning sickness! Seriously, who came up with that name?

I am kind of lucky in a sense that I haven’t been throwing up… but I have been feeling soooo nauseous and am constantly dry retching that I may as well just be throwing up too. And it will hit me whenever it feels like it. Definitely when I first wake up in the morning, and then various times scattered throughout the day. The worst part is that I know there is nothing I can do for it.

The other horrible effect I am dealing with is constant heartburn. Oh my god… it’s non stop, unrelenting pain in my chest.

Ant and I went to the doctors this morning for my 8 week checkup. Not a lot happened there. Our doctor took my blood pressure and went through my blood test results and everything was all fine. I did ask her about the heartburn and she gave me a prescription for some Zantac which I can take twice a day to help relieve it. I took some as soon as I walked out of the chemist as it was becoming really bad again but I don’t think it’s started working yet nearly 5 hours later.

I keep joking (maybe) to Ant that after this child, we’ll be adopting if we want any more.

So that’s where we are at. I haven’t mentioned the constant tiredness, the urge to always pee, the need to buy bigger bras already (Okay, so that’s a plus for now!!), the trouble sleeping, feeling the heat, dizzyness, and thinking you’re extremely hungry then getting a third of the way through a meal and feeling waaayyy too full to finish any more.

Pregnancy, sounds like a piece of cake huh? Apparently I’ve got just one more month before things start to get a bit better… or as my doctor put it this morning…

“Yep, this is the boring bit where all you really do is feel like crap!”

Gee, thanks lady!

Now i’m off to take more Zantac and maybe have a nap at my desk 😉


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