5 Weeks and 6 days

(Post written at 2:58pm 12th October 2012)

Dear Baby M,

Well it’s been a funny few days around here lately and gosh I’ve been tired. I find myself wanting to have a nap in the afternoons at my desk, lucky I’m in an office by myself and the only people who would bust me asleep would be either your Pa or your Uncle, LOL! Guess there is an upside to working with your family (apart from being able to write blog posts at your desk! haha!)

I’ve also started to get heartburn but thankfully still not sign of morning sickness. Tomorrow is the 6 week mark so I really hope it doesn’t come on then.

I went and saw our doctor the other day… her name is Kim and I’m sure you’re going to like her as well. She’s going to take good care of us. I went to visit her as your daddy had shared his cold with me and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take anything to help ease it. She told me  no, I wasn’t allowed to take anything at all anymore, even any herbal tablets.

She also gave me a tonne of forms and referrals  for other doctors and blood tests and a headful of information that I struggled to remember because there seemed to be sooo much to take in.

I could have really used your daddy being there as he is the one that is good at remembering those sorts of things… especially because I seem to have trouble remembering some things these days! Your Aunty Jen tells me it’s the start of baby brain and it’s only going to get worse!

I managed to understand that I needed to go and get blood tests done asap as we are going to New Zealand on the 18th Oct (Yup, next week… Oh, on a side note about New Zealand too, we are going to watch your daddy play paintball. I’m really hoping morning sickness doesn’t kick in this week as we are staying in an apartment over there with four of your dads friends and it will be really hard to hide the fact you exist if I’m sick, not drinking and not smoking. So if we can just lay off the morning sickness that would be fabulous okay little one?) and Dr. Kim wanted to make sure everything was all okay before we flew. I also needed to go and buy some flight stockings and also book in for our first scan.

I have managed to do all these things. Our scan is booked in for the 30th November at 9am. I soooo can’t wait. You will be 12 weeks and 6 days then and we will get to see you for the first time. Your daddy and I are both so excited even though it feels like forever away!

After having my blood tests done the other day, I received a phone call from the doctors surgery last night. Apparently my Vitamin D is too low so I now need to start taking a supplement to keep us healthy. That now makes Folic Acid and Vitamin D I am taking, but that is all. I found the Vitamin D deficiency to be strange because I love being out in the sun so much, although we are in Melbourne and haven’t seen too much of it lately… and I am a natural red head so I do have a small aversion to too much sunlight. (I hope you get your fathers skin, not mine!)

We also did a little bit of shopping last night too, we went and bought some DVDs. One of the ones I picked out was “What to expect when you’re expecting”. We got home with our Hungry Jacks (Which was amazing!) and put on the movie.

It made us laugh in places an nearly cry in places (Okay, I cried…) and made us cringe in others.

It made us think about you and everything that can and will happen. It’s such a scary time in our lives, all we can do is hope and pray that you are cooking away nicely, all snug in my tummy.

So stay safe little one, we already love you so much!



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