And we are now (broke) homeowners!

Well, Where do I start?

Time has just flown by, I’ve barely had time to get onto the internet let alone write a blog post. Sorry guys!

I think I will try and break these last two weeks down into 2 or 3 posts as so much has happened… too much for 1 post.

When I left off last time we had just been told that Settlement had been delayed indefinitely but there was a chance we could still move in on Friday as planned if we signed a License Agreement.

We did this.

Thursday night we completed our final inspection on the house and were soooo excited that the following day we could be getting the keys to our new home. Mark, the Agent, met us at the house to begin the inspection… while the current owners were there (talk about awkward!).

Okay, it was awkward at first as I wanted to have a good look around the property and make sure there weren’t any glaring issues that hadn’t been there on our previous inspections (hard to do when the current owners are watching your every move) but they were pretty easy going and everything seemed in pretty good order so we all eventually made our way out to the backyard just to discuss our impending moves and the excitement of it all. The owners assured us they would be out by 4pm at the latest so we would be all good to get the keys and start moving in. YAY!

So after a restless nights sleep because I was more excited than a kid at Christmas, I awoke Friday morning and MOVING DAY WAS HERE!

Hubby and I had both decided that we would go to work for half the day as there wasn’t much we could do till we got the keys.

1:30pm rolls around and Ant arrives at my work, ready for us to take the trailer load of things we had stored at my work to our new house. (Well, back to his parents anywhos till we got the call to say come and get the keys)

We arrived back at Ant’s parent’s place and continued loading up the car and trailer, all the while anxiously waiting for our phones to ring and by 4:30 we still hadn’t heard anything. By this stage I was getting quite impatient and worried that we weren’t going to get them… Even to the stage where I started snapping at Ant (Sorry babe, I know it wasn’t your fault… Guess I was just a little edgy) and thankfully just after 5pm we got the phone-call from the Agent to say we could come and get the keys. Woohoo!!

So off we head, down to his office to collect the keys to our new home. By this stage we were both so excited we just wanted to snatch the keys out of the agents hands and head around to look at our new place but he had other ideas; He wanted to stand around and chat. I had to stop myself from screaming at him “JUST GIVE US THE KEYS ALREADY”… I mean really, we’ve been looking forward to this moment for the last 10 weeks and he wanted to stand around for half an hour and just make small talk? Can you blame me for wanting to do a snatch and run? (Don’t get me wrong either, I really liked our agent… but I really wanted to go see our new house)

Anyway, I did the polite thing and made the small talk until finally there was a break in conversation and we could make a hasty retreat and before we knew it, we were on our way to our new home.

When we got there it was such a surreal feeling. Walking up to the front door to unlock it for the first time was a bit awkward too. We had 7 keys to pick from and it felt like a game of chance, seeing which one of us would pick the right key that unlocked the door.

On the fifth try I finally found the right key… and we were in!

Ant and I kind of just stood and stared at each other with stupid grins on our faces taking the moment all in. We were finally in our own home (that we hadn’t yet paid for).

It didn’t take us long to make a start on unpacking the things we had bought with us, and within an hour we had most of his family there to help us unload. The boys then headed down to the storage unit to retrieve our mattress so we could spend our first night in our new house.

After sorting through the few things that we had with us (I can’t stand things just sitting around… I had to make a start on what we had there already) the boys arrived back with not just our mattress but our couches, bed frames, coffee table, outdoor chairs, entertainment unit and a few other bits and bobs.

I couldn’t believe it. After getting all that furniture setup in their places already the place was looking like a home. I also worried that there wouldn’t be anything left for the removalists to do that were booked for the next day.

That first night was a lot of fun and just consisted of drinking and fish and chips and watching the footy.

We finally crawled into bed, which was just our mattress on the floor (the boys had brought the frame around but had forgotten part of the footing so we couldn’t set it up) and I don’t think Ant or I could have been more content.

Saturday morning arrives and so began the crazyness of moving the rest of our stuff in.

It took the removalists, Ant and his friend an hour and a half to load the truck at the storage unit and an hour to unload it at our new house, saving us a small fortune thanks to the boys managing to get so much stuff out the night before.

The removalists were fantastic (If you’re in Melbourne, they’re called That’s Quick Removals) and were friendly, fast and efficient and by the time they left I had boxes piled in each room ready to unpack.

We also had a whole heap of our friends come around to help us unpack which made the process so much easier. We had people everywhere moving boxes around and unpacking things. It didn’t take long for me to have the whole kitchen unpacked and setup ready to go. Then onto the bathroom, laundry, lounge room… you get the drift (Do you remember The Jetsons tv show? In one episode Rosey, the robot maid is on a cleaning frenzy through the house and constantly says “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. This sums me up pretty well, I couldn’t relax till everything was nearly done and unpacked. It’s not a disorder but may borderline on OCD, Yes… I’m a bit anal but I blame my mother!)

By that afternoon we really did have a home that was filled with some of our closest friends and family that had graciously come around to help us set up our home (Thanks guys!) and it was time to pop the bubbly!

Needless to say, not much got done after that but that was okay, we had done enough.

I remember looking around the backyard at everyone and a complete feeling on contentment washed over me. We had done it, we had bought our first house and made it a home.

I got Ant started on a few DIY projects later that week but I’ll keep those for another post.

To save this from becoming a tl;dr  (too long, didn’t read) post I’ll leave it here but be sure there will be another update very soon on what we’ve been up to since we moved in.

We are all settled now and it doesn’t feel like we are just staying in some strangers house anymore and as I sit here this morning drinking my coffee in our backyard I couldn’t be happier!







  1. Yay!!! Super excited for you! And impressed at the speediness of your first DIY 🙂

    • Hehe thanks hun! It all has been pretty exciting! Still have a few more posts to catch up on, seems I have no time these days, or I’m too tired to sit at the computer! LOL!
      How did you guys go deciding on a colour for the dining wall?

      • We’ve narrowed it down to two blue shades and will hopefully get started soon. One’s a more grey/slate blue and the other is more turquoise. Gorgeous, both of ’em!

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