5 weeks and 1 day

Post written at 11:12am on Monday 8th October 2012

Dear Baby M,

I think I know you’re there now. Well, I certainly know something is going on with my body anyway. I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping the last few nights. I’ll be absolutely buggered and crawl into bed around 8:30pm and then be wide awake. When I do finally drift off I seem to be waking up at least 5 or 6 times a night and have trouble getting comfy. I never realised this happens so early on. I thought it was something that would happen as my belly starts to get larger but no, from what I’ve read and from what your Aunties have told me, it’s pretty common from the start.

My immune system is also pretty weak at the moment. You must be taking all the nutrients out of me and not leaving me with much left over for myself. Not long after you were conceived, before we even knew about you I got gastro for the first time in my life and now two weeks later I have woken up with a cold. I seem to be susceptible to everything at the moment when normally it takes a lot for me to get sick.

I’m off to see our doctor today, I’m not booked in for my first appointment with her for another few more weeks yet but seeing as I woke up feeling so lousy today I thought I’d pay her a visit and see if there is anything else I can be doing or taking to help my body cope with all these changes so we’ll see what she has to say.

Until then xx


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