From old to new

Oops, once again more time has past between posts than I ever meant. Things have been so hectic lately with preparing for the move and work that I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write. But do you know what? We have only 2 more sleeps to go till we get the keys to our new house, YAY! I am sooo excited I can’t believe we are so close now.

I am still waiting for our conveyancer to get me the final amounts we need for settlement, which is a pain in the bum. I am a super duper organised person and hate leaving things till the last minute so this is slightly killing me. I think its more the fact that I feel if I am  organised, then I am prepared, which means there is less likely hood for something to go wrong. She assures me I will have them tomorrow, the day before settlement. She better bloody hope she gets them to me because otherwise settlement is going to be delayed and I will not be responsible for my actions if that happens.

Amongst all this excitement I remembered a few things I wanted to do before we moved in. On my list of things to do was a new outdoor setting. The one we have I bought off Ebay for a steal at $70 but now it is old and green and just not very nice looking.

I currently have new cushions on layby for it to freshen it up a bit but decided that instead of spending $300-$400 on a new setting I would try and paint the one we have. Well, so far it’s coming up fabulous.

I made a trip to our local Bunnings yesterday and purchased a primer and a lovely metallic charcoal spray paint and then set about making our old table new again.

The old green table, just after I had first wiped it down with prepsol

One of the edges of the table, you can see how scratched, faded and worn it is

After cleaning and wiping down the table the next step was to mask the glass so I could spray without worrying about the primer and paint going everywhere. Fortunately, being a sign-writer as well I was able to mask easily using app tape I had. I simply just rolled out lengths across the table and then ran around the edge of the metal with my Stanley knife giving me a perfect edge. Then the next step was to give it it’s first coat of primer to protect the paint. Here I used White Knight’s Rust Guard Primer.

First coat of Primer

I let the first coat of primer dry for about half an hour before giving it a second coat, let it dry for just over an hour and then gave it the first coat of paint. I chose White Knight Metallic Charcoal as charcoal goes with everything these days and wouldn’t date anytime soon.

After the first coat of paint… She’s looking good!!!

I left it to dry yesterday and today and shall give it another coat tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how it all looks when it’s done and the masking has come off. I have also decided I shall do the chairs too, once we get them out of storage that is =)

I shall post a complete finished photo of it once I have all the setting finished and it’s all set up in our new house with the new cushions. Not a bad way to update old furniture hey? And it only cost me $20! Score!


Here is the paint I used too, just if you’re interested…

The awesome paint I used. It’s coming up a treat!



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