Our “To-Do” List

After browsing the many different blogs I’ve come across since jumping on the blogging bandwagon I’ve found many great and inspirational posts from which I’ve learnt quite a few things. Who ever knew there was more to internet research than Google? (Okay, maybe you did but I’m late to the party and here now!!)

I follow quite a few and one morning while searching the WordPress topics I came across a post from Kristin at Almost Perfect Harmony titled “To-Do” List. It was a list (Like Duh!) of all the things Kristin and her hubby wanted/needed to do around their new house and it inspired me to do my own.

In case you’re only just catching up with where we’re at, this is what our house looks like.

It’s pretty perfect but just like most things there’s still some of our own touches we want to put on the place.

With just under 5 weeks (32 days to be exact) until settlement it seems our ideas keep growing day by day on what we can do around the place and how we want it set up. Who knows what we’ll ever get around to doing… I’m guessing it’s one of those things where we’ll have a huge list and all the best intentions and then 10 years down the track hubby and I will be sitting there one morning and over coffee go: “Guess we should finish such and such hey?” or “We really should get around to doing that”, LOL! (Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen as I really hate the fluro lighting in the kitchen!!!)

Anywho, In no particular order here is my “To-Do” list…

– Remove shrub, extend driveway and concrete

– Create timber screens for master bedroom window (As it looks out into the street)

– Get Gum Tree cut down from backyard (Possibly houses termites and is destroying the gutters)

– Replace Gutters

– Freshen up front landscaping

– Possibly put in a front fence

– Get a new front door

– Install downlights in the eaves out the front

– Fix the hallway plasterboard and paint

– Change all light fixtures to down-lights

– Replace old school heater in lounge, either new unit or ducted heating

– Remove air-con unit from dining room and fix wall

– Move kitchen light switch from behind fridge space to more practical position

– Finish renovating the laundry

– Get timber venetian blinds for bedrooms and loungeroom

– Extend the pergola

– Get new concrete or pavers for under the pergola

– Replace garden beds with retaining walls/raised garden beds

– Make light feature

– Landscape out the back

– Buy a new fridge

– Buy new couches

– Buy a new bedding suite

Get a puppy dog!! =)

I’m sure there will be more once we get in there but that’s all I can think of for now off the top of my head. Hopefully we can cross a few of those off the list in the not too distant future and I know some will have to wait but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our progress!

That’s it for now so till next time… Ciao!! xx



  1. […] a quick update on that small garden bed for now. We’ve also been busy working away on our To-Do List (And adding to it!!) so I’ll have an update on that soon […]

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