Dear Baby M

(This post was written at 9:03am on 6th October 2012, due to being in the early stages of my pregnancy I thought I would write these posts and schedule them for when I hit the 3 month mark)

Dear Baby M,

Wow! Two days ago now your daddy and I found out you had decided to take up camp inside my tummy.

We’re still a little in disbelief but so very excited. It all feels a little surreal. We’re going to be parents, Holy crap!!

I guess it feels so surreal because I don’t feel any different. I am lucky in the fact that at the moment you haven’t caused me any morning sickness (Thank you for that!) although I am sure it will come at some stage, the only thing I have that gives me any indication that you are there is the constant urge to go to the toilet and my tender, oh so bloody tender breasts.

You are currently nearly 5 weeks along and just a tiny speck of a thing, around 1.4mm apparently.

Your date to arrive into this world is 8th of June 2013, exactly 245 days from now. We’ll see if you have your Mummy’s tendency to be early for things or your Daddy’s ability to be late for everything!

Keep cooking away Baby M, we can’t wait to meet you!



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