So here in Melbourne today its a public holiday and I can tell you it’s been a pretty laid back affair today. The fact that its currently 5:30 in the afternoon and I’ve just poured myself my first glass of wine for the day tells you that I haven’t done too much! Normally on a day off I would have done plenty that would have earned me a glass of wine much earlier (from 2pm on-wards I assure you) in the day but my hubby convinced me that we should take it easy today. All the housework was completed yesterday (I have been known to be called a ‘clean freak’) so I found myself at a loss as to what to do to amuse myself.

I ended up picking up the camera and decided to take some photos around our kitchen. We’re currently renting but getting ready to purchase our own place and I thought I’d try and document some of the details from where we are now so we can look back one day and show our kids where we first lived together.

We’ve been here 3 and a half years now. It’s a fairly old house but has its charms. When we first moved in I had ideas to paint the place and tear down the wall paper, but somehow it’s all grown on me now. Even the dingy old 70’s oven that has no top element and no fan!  Seriously, to cook anything I have to turn it up 20 degrees hotter and cook it 20mins longer than any directions or recipe says… God help me when I get a new oven, I’m going to burn everything to charcoal!!! LOL!

And like many old places around here these days our landlord has plans to knock down the house and build townhouses when we are gone so I guess seeing as our time here is nearly up I should try and record the rest of our place as it is today too. Even though we’ll be moving onto something bigger and better in the not too distant future I’ll still be sad to say goodbye to ‘our’ first home together and am sure I’d love to look back on those memories one day.

Anywhos, for now, here is my kitchen =)

(My husband and I love the ‘Hagar’ comics. Mostly because there’s a little bit of truth in them relating to married life so whenever either of us finds a particularly amusing one we cut it out and add it to the fridge.)


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