Our first D.I.Y Project

See, I told you it wouldn’t be long between updates =)

I thought while I was on a roll this morning with the last blog post I’d grab another coffee and sit down to write this one.

After all the crazyness of moving we were finally settled enough to be able to do a few things around the house. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some boxes that have been left unpacked but these are out in the man-cave (Yes, my hubby will have a man cave… although if he doesn’t start unpacking it soon I may claim it as a studio space!)

Our first little project was putting up mug hooks like we had in our old rental. (You may remember what my old kitchen looked like from this post)

I always thought it was such a great idea as then our mugs didn’t take up cupboard space, they were easy to find, and we had a little coffee station all setup in one area.

So, after doing our first trip to Bunnings as home owners (And can I say, Bunnings is soooo much better when you have your own home!) we stocked up on hooks and proceeded to peruse the store for a good hour as you do. All of a sudden, Ant proclaims that he needs a new drill in order to put these hooks in.

Most times I’m pretty good at keeping Ant out of the tool section. It’s a dangerous place in there for a man. It seems once they walk in they get sucked into this vortex and it’s hard to get them back out without your bank account looking rather sad. It really is like a game with us but only this day, I failed! Before I knew it Ant was in there picking up all sorts of different drills; cordless drills, cordless hammer drills, cordless driver drills… I mean come on, a drill is a drill isn’t it?

Stupid question Kayla. I then proceeded to get a lecture on just why a drill wasn’t just a drill… and why he couldn’t just get the $150 one, he needed the $400 one.

An hour and a half later (See, I told you it was a vortex) we emerged with our hooks and a new fancy ‘Makita combo kit’ that Ant assured me he had to have.

Anyways, I digress.

When we got home Ant was super eager to use his new tools. I guess that is the one good thing about him buying new tools. He wants to use them straight away so it was onto our first D.I.Y project.

Before: No hooks

Marking up where the hooks will go

The hooks we used. They were 32mm long to fit the mug handles perfectly.

The finished effect – minus my coffee cup from this morning!

Doesn’t it look good? It was only a small job but it was so satisfying especially knowing we could drill holes in things and wouldn’t get in trouble because the house was all ours.

We’ve done a few other small jobs since then and I will get around to updating the past post on our outdoor table. I am still yet to paint the outdoor chairs but even without them painted, the new cushions on them make it look 100 times better already. The Melbourne weather hasn’t quite lent itself to painting lately as its been quite windy and raining but hopefully I’ll get the chance this weekend.

I’m also planning on painting our bar fridge and if all goes well then I’ll do the kitchen fridge too so stay tuned for that update too, hopefully I don’t destroy our fridge in the process, LOL!

I’m out of coffee again so it’s time for one more before I begin the housework (Oh a woman’s work is never done!)




  1. When I have a home someday, there will surely, surely be hooks!

    • Aren’t they awesome? They are so handy and if it wasn’t for them being in our old rental when we moved in, I never would have thought to put them up!

      • I have seen people use hooks to hang, like TONS of cups. There are no limits when it comes to hooks. I think they even had installed a whole new cabinet that wasn’t there before…and it made the space more fun and also offered more room for hanging cups. 🙂

      • Oh my gosh! Thank god I only have 12 mugs (4 are stashed away safely in case of breakages, heaven forbid I should have mismatched mugs on display).

        I could definitely use a whole cupboard filled with hanging racks for my wine glasses though. I have a cupboard full of them plus 3 boxes I haven’t even opened yet because everyone knows I love a glass of wine (so what better gift to get me than more wine glasses) but they are seriously starting to take over! LOL! I’m heading down to the op shop this morning to donate quite a few I think!

      • Haha that makes sense! Maybe saving a box is a good idea so that if yours get broken they are always there…and donating is a wonderful plan!

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