Country living

Ohh another week down! You know what that means? Only 10 days till we move into our new house!!! It’s getting soooo close I can’t believe it!

This past weekend Ant and I went up to visit Ant’s cousins farm aptly named “Wanderer’s Rest”. Located in the picturesque far North East of Victoria in a place called Sandy Creek, roughly a 40 minute drive from Wodonga. And the best part about it? There was no phone or internet reception. It was a completely ‘unplugged’ weekend.

I am pretty familiar with North East Victoria as my father grew up in Myrtleford and  we camp up there each and every year without fail. I still have family there now so it was rather exciting to get away and go bush. (Part of me believes I was actually meant to be a country girl, it’s something about the peace and quiet and the slow paced lifestyle away from the city I think!)

Dave and Donna (Ant’s cousin and partner) have been at us for a long time to go up and visit and with the imminent move into our own house Dave made the call that we should do it before we move and settle in to our own place, lost in weekends of DIY and home maintenance. So come Saturday afternoon when the boys had finished work we piled into Dave’s Ute to begin the 5 hour journey to the farm.

Needless to say the weekend was full of fun and relaxation, lots of drinking (I woke up Sunday morning a little worse for wear) and beautiful, beautiful scenery.

They have 9 hens who roam around the house as they please throughout the day. Yesterday (Monday) morning I made my way outside with my coffee to be bombarded by chickens thinking I had food for them. The funny animals came running at me so fast it actually freaked me out for a minute and then they wouldn’t leave me alone, clucking around my feet, following me wherever I went.

Ant, being the typical guy, had a ball setting the dead blackberry bushes and weeds on fire and helping Dave build the bonfire we were going to have later on that night.

I wont babble on too much but shall let the photos do the talking for me, can you feel the peace and quiet?

The view of the valley around us

The farm house and sheds

(c) KaylaM

A lone tree on the hill

3 Kangaroos… we saw 11 all up including 3 joeys

More kangaroos

This is Brody, the sheepdog who gets chased by cows and calf’s.

One of the crazy hens that chased me for my coffee

Another of the farm house and sheds

So there you have it, isn’t it beautiful? The only sounds you could hear were the cows mooing and the chickens clucking. It was so peaceful and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend weather wise without a drop of rain at all.

Needless to say it was pretty shattering having to climb in the car and leave this beautiful place but I know we’ll be back for sure so until then I’ll just have to keep looking at these photos to remind myself of that serene beautiful place I got to visit.


P.s: 10 days to go!! =D



  1. Very beautiful series of photos!!

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