Another week down

So… We’re another week down. You know what that means right? We’re now only 19 days away from getting the keys to our new house! (And only 19 more days living with my in-laws!!!) Woohoo!!

As I had planned last weekend, I caught up with Tess again on Saturday and we went off couch shopping for her. Oh my gosh did that start to get me excited. I got to spend over an hour and a half just browsing at furniture and white goods without hubby getting bored = WIN!!

Tess picked out a gorgeous lounge suite to go in her lovely living area and the lucky thing gets it delivered this coming weekend and I can now only imagine how exciting it will be when we get to do the same. But as I said, for now I was content just looking and touching and trying to imagine what would look good in our house. The most exciting part of my browsing was looking for a new fridge. Sure, I have no idea how big a space we have yet (Guess we should have measured that!) but that’s okay… I think I’ve decided on an upside down stainless french door fridge as the french door style gives us more room to maneuver in the kitchen. Then it was on to looking at ovens, dryers, aircons, dust busters (Yes… I think they are awesome!!!) and finally blenders, mixers and coffee machines. Not necessarily stuff we need but hey, I had time to look!

After Tess had picked out her lounge and organised delivery we were off and heading back to DFO where I planned on buying all the lovely things I had seen last week. Somehow by the time we got there (and maybe because there was mention of wine) we didn’t even make it into the center. A quick run around The Good Guys to check out more white goods and a brief lap around The Warehouse netted me only a new heater for my office (My old one died during the week and it’s sooo bloody cold in Melbourne at the moment I needed a new one).

We decided to stop in at the fresh food market and pick up some dips, bread and cheeses to enjoy with our wine and celebrate Tess’ new purchase! And yes, it tasted as good as it looks!

A platter of pure pleasure!!

After eating our way through most of the platter it was time for me to head off. As Melbourne can do so well, we had the usual 4 seasons in one day and I found myself driving along the freeway with it bucketing with rain one minute and then the sun out shining brightly the next. As the sun came out I was greeted with the most amazing full rainbow… unfortunately though I was on the freeway doing 100kph and couldn’t take a photo so I pulled over nearly as soon as I got off. By that stage the beautiful rainbow I had seen was nothing more than your standard half rainbow but none the less I still took a photo

What was left of the beautiful rainbow by the time I could pull over

On I continued till I got home for a nice and relaxing night with Ant on the couch watching movies. Def love the date nights with hubby… can’t wait till we are in our own house again though if you know what I mean!!

Sunday morning saw us head out the Carribean market and same as all markets, there was the same thing over and over… and over again. Walking down one aisle a guy doing kitchen demos grabs Ant and says “Hey, can you just look interested for a minute and hopefully other people will stop?” and that was it… Ant wouldn’t move. (Have I previously mentioned how Ant is shocking when it comes to a sales pitch?  He might as well just hand over the cash and save the sales guy his breath because he always buys whatever they are selling) After listening to the pitch and watching his demo I could see Ant becoming more and more impressed with every slice and dice… Yes, that’s right people… We are now the proud owners of…..

The newest addition to our family….

The new family member

A Euro Slicer!! Argh! Seriously! I can’t believed how hooked Ant got into the pitch, I knew from the very first slice that we were walking away with one and you know, sometimes as a wife I realize it’s easier just to go along with something. Never mind the fact that my darling hubby never prepares dinner so would never be using the damn thing and it will just take up precious space in my new kitchen… It really was just easier to let him buy it. His argument “Babe, didn’t you hear him? It’s $100 worth of value for $35!”. Seriously, just easier! Oh, and did I mention the 6 brothers and sisters we got that came with it too? All because Ant answered a question in the guys pitch correctly?  *facepalm*

Brothers and sisters for our new Eurokitchen Slicer

They are some sort of funky peeler. Never mind that I just spent $30 on a great peeler from Tupperware that I haven’t even used yet. (You know how you always feel like you HAVE to buy something at those parties?, well I bought a peeler) I had lost all my other ones though so I did need it but I sure don’t need 6 of the bloody things thank you very much Mr. So-good-at-sales-he-should-be-on-Danoz-Direct! I wonder if I can give them away?

Maybe I will use my new slicer/dicer thingy… then again probably not, but it is one more thing that I can put in my nice and shiny new kitchen… in 19 days!!!

Oh and that reminds me… On our way home we thought we’d stop by our old house and see if they had started the demolition work. A quick drive by last weekend showed us this:

Our old house last week

and when we got there this Sunday this is what greeted us:

What greeted us this week… I guess we can’t call it ‘our old house’ anymore…

One week… One week is all it took for them to tear down our lives for the last 3 and a half years. There were a few tears from me, it was so sad and so confronting to see the block like that even though I knew it was going to happen but Ant consoled me and reminded me of all the awesome new memories we’re going to make in our new house and I felt a little better. I still can’t quite believe it though… and I can’t believe how small the block of land looks. It was around 900sqm but here in this photo it looks tiny! I wish I had of taken more photos of the house when I first started this blog like I meant to but alas, I didn’t. Note to self: Must take lots of photos in and around new house….

Anywhos, this has turned into a much larger post than I anticipated and Revenge is about to start on TV so I will leave it here for now! =)

Till next time… xx

P.s: I booked the removalists today, YAY!!! =D



  1. How exciting to be moving into a new house and getting to pick out new things. After forty years together, I’d like to strike a match to everything (not hubby, of course) and start over. I’d love a new looks, but it would cost a fortune, and what we have is still such good stuff. Love the rainbow picture. It was actually a double rainbow, I see.

    • LOL! It’s definitely expensive that’s for sure! Most of the things we have will be kept… It’s just a couple of things that we’ll update! I also just bought couch covers for our couches to freshen them up a bit and put off having to buy new ones straight away =)

      • I thought about a couch cover for the family room, but then my husband may see no reason to buy a new one.

      • Ohhh.. That’s smart! I never thought of that! I wonder if I should return them now before I open them?
        No, no… we need new couches and then these covered ones can just be moved the the other living area when we get them. Phew – freaked out for a moment there! =)

      • LOL!

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