A long lunch and a bit of retail therapy…

Remember when I said I wouldn’t buy anything for our new house till we had moved in? Well, that didn’t go so well!

What a fabulous Sunday I had. I caught up with one of my gorgeous girlfriends for lunch and after, a bit of retail therapy. I emailed Tess on Friday (Yeah, we often email throughout the week as it’s an easy way to keep in contact and to while away the hours at work) and we organised a much overdue catch up. First stop was a gorgeous new little cafe in Mentone right by the railway station. And bad me, I can’t even remember the name! Sorry guys!

After having a light lunch with a glass of wine on a rather pleasant Melbourne Winter day (It wasn’t raining so yes, that means it was pleasant!) we headed off to Cheltenham DFO for a “browse”… At least that’s what I told myself, I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I swear!!

Once upon a time in a past life, I used to work at DFO as a retail assistant and once I finished up working there I avoided the place like crazy as trying to get a car-park on the weekend was madness. Thankfully Tess drove so I avoided my usual car-park rage. We did a few laps and managed to get a park finally somewhere down the back in the midst of what seemed to be a muddy field.

And so began our journey of “Ooohing” and “Ahhhhing” our way through stores.

First stop was Villa and Hut, the gorgeous homewares store, who happened to have a lovely “Up to 75% off” sale going on. After weaving our way through the stunning wooden mirrors and chests, pressed tin trays and general home decor without buying anything (God, we were so good in there I swear) we continued to meander onto the next store – My Cargo Hold. Here we found many beautiful items that I could decorate my kitchen with including a letter holder for mail and a gorgeous tea, coffee and sugar canister set (Which I have kept in mind). I managed to walk out of the store without buying anything although I will mention, after being in that store for maybe ten minutes I do remember why I love shopping online these days. The sales assistants were beginning to drive me crazy with their non stop questions.  Seriously… “I’m good today, no I’m happy just looking, yes I’ll let you know when I need some help thank-canyoupleasejustgoawaynow-you!”

Eventually I succumbed to the “Must spend Monster” when we walked into The World Kitchen outlet store. Here they had Pyrex dishes, Bakers Secret tins, trays and pans and Corningware all at amazing prices!!!  I had had my eye out for a giant cupcake tin for a while now and the best price I had found one so far was $65, a price I couldn’t justify for how often I’d use it but when I walked into the store what did I find? A Giant Cupcake tin for $12… SCORE!! As if I could not buy it! A further lap around the store also netted me a new glass Pyrex mixing bowl for $6. And yes, I needed a new glass mixing bowl as our old one broke the week we were moving out of our old place… it had a massive crack right through the middle so I had to throw it out.

My new Giant Cupcake baking tin! Can’t wait to use it!

Also, I bought a Lazy Susan… you know, the round platters that spin so you don’t have to reach too far. I had been looking for one of them for a while but once again they were around $60 and it was something I couldn’t justify but I happened to walk into one of those little Asian bargain shops and got a perfectly good glass one for $12.99. It’s going to be excellent for serving cheeses and snacks when we entertain.

My new Lazy Susan

By this stage I had the itch to spend some real money but I was such a good girl and resisted. We had a browse through Matchbox and The General Trader which reminded me that we really need a good quality knife block and saucepan set. I sussed out prices on these and have decided once we move in I’ll definitely be paying DFO a visit again to get those things but until then I was happy to just keep browsing (Gosh, there’s sooo many gorgeous things I could have bought!)

When I spoke to hubby later that afternoon I told him how good I had been and do you know his response??

“Oh, if it was for the house I wouldn’t have minded”

Uhh…. WHAT?? You mean I could have spent a fortune and gone crazy in there today buying as much stuff as I could fit in my car as long as it was for the house?

Thank god by this stage DFO had long since shut its doors for the day and it would have been impossible for me to jump in the car and head back but by jeeze was I ready to strangle my darling husband. Sometimes he just really confuses me! LOL!

Anyways, Tess and I have plans to go back next weekend now so we shall see what happens! Hopefully I’ll have a lovely new knife set and maybe even a new saucepan set… hey, it’s end of financial year sales, what better excuse? 😉


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