Hubby makes it all better

Okay, so today hasn’t been the best day for me. Not only have I woken up with a nasty cold this morning but I managed to take a chunk of skin out of my finger too… and it REALLY hurts! I’ll spare you photos as it’s quite gross but needless to say I did a pretty good job of it! And, for someone who works with a Stanley knife everyday at work I feel rather foolish (I’m a designer/printer/sign-writer by day).

Mind you, it may have had something to do with the fact I had run out of ‘day’ cold and flu tablets so I took a night time one this morning. Hey, the back of the packet said to take two at night so surely I was safe with one during the day… right??

Apparently not… as I then proceeded to slice my thumb, which was only a small nick, and later on do the same thing again only taking many, many more layers than earlier! Note to self: Do not take night time tablets during day!!

Anywho, it’s currently wrapped up and quite sensitive and I’ve been having a hard time typing this post so I think I shall leave it here and attach a photo of what I was working on when I sliced myself.

(c) KaylaM

Voucher Design – I was trimming these when my brand new, sharp as hell Stanley knife slipped.

P.s: I really should have left all the spelling mistakes in the post just so you could see how much of a hard time I’m having typing it! lol!

P.P.S: Look what my hubby just came home with for me… AND it’s all mine!!! Isn’t he awesome? Knows exactly how to make me feel better!! Colf and Flu tablets? Pfft! Give me Cadbury any day!! =)

Best husband in the whole wide world!! Knows exactly what will make me feel better!!

P.P.P.S: I just realized I didn’t mention anything about the blog layout overhaul… what do you think? Like it or hate it?



  1. Ooh. Your husband is definitely great! Look at all the yummy chocolates – especially Flake and Boost, I’ve been addicted to those recently. You’re lucky! =D
    I hope you feel better!

    • Thanks Zen! Woke up feeling a tad worse today but its hard to feel yucky when I have so much chocolate =)
      I think I ate all the flakes last night though =/ lol!

  2. Loving the new look blog!!
    What is the current countdown?

    • Thanks Lorissa!! Thought I’d give it a face-lift now I’ve managed to figure out what I’m doing! LOL!

      Currently 28 days to go!! Woop Woop! Actually, this time in 4 weeks we may have the keys… or will be very close to getting them anyway… Can’t wait!!

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