Our New House

So, I promised I would get some photos up of our new place (Which is now only 46 days till settlement and we move in) so here is a quick post with some photos.

The beautifully maintained front yard. Just a few of my own touches to add to it and some reviving of the grass and we’re all good (For now anyways!)

I love, love, LOVE the kitchen! As you would have seen in an earlier post, the old kitchen in our rental property was majorly 70’s… This is going to be AMAZING to cook in! I can’t wait! (Only thing to be changed here is the Fluorescent light I think)

This is our Lounge room. Still yet to decide if that heater will stay. Hubby loves it and the idea of putting in a gas log fire but I think we’ll need the space for more couches as the room is quite small.

Our Bathroom. Once again I love how they have renovated it. It shall be nice to have cupboards in the bathroom as our rental didn’t have any either. I’m also looking forward to having a larger mirror too!

Our Master Bedroom. Thankfully Hubby likes the purple feature wall as I think it would be a pain to paint over. I’m still undecided on it but we’ll see once we more in, if it has to go… it has to go!

This is part of the pergola and some of the backyard. We’re planning on extending the pergola as we like to entertain quite a lot. There is much more space on the other side of that shed too (Also, inside that shed it has been plastered so it will be turned into a bar/living area as well).

More of the backyard, also the garden feature I’m planning from the previous post will go along the back fence somewhere.

So there you have it. Our own little block of land. I don’t have any photos of the laundry yet but that is something we will be renovating and putting our own touches on as well.

Now you’ve seen it and can see why I’m so excited – I hope anyway! =)



  1. You are a lucky girl that is a great house. I hope you and your family will be very happy there. cheers Judy

  2. Lovely, and congratulations!

  3. Congrats – your new place has some really wonderful features already – just look at that kitchen!! I might have to take some inspiration from that for our renovation!! Good luck with the next 46 odd days-its going to be here before you know it.

    • Haha! Yeah isn’t the kitchen divine? Still some minor changes to make to it (Like that horrible fluorescent light and a new oven) but other than that its all good to go I think. 39 days to go! =)

  4. LOVE that kitchen of yours! Congrats on your beautiful new home! 🙂


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