SOLD… and it begins!!


Soooooo, The “Sold” sign went up today on our house! That’s right! The house is officially ours in 47 days! Woohoo!! I’m so excited, can’t you tell? Haha!

This photo was taken just after I paid the deposit… maybe 30 minutes later. I was so excited to see the sticker but didn’t want to appear stalker-ish to my new neighbors so I quickly pulled up out the front, snapped the photo, then took off again!

After Friday being an ever so expensive day because we had to pay the rest of the deposit and then fumbling my way through many, many quotes on house and contents insurance (I think the whole day cost us around $16,000) our contract has now gone unconditional and it really is a matter of just waiting for the keys.

Seriously, I think this is the hardest part. Not only because as you know we are currently living with my darling hubby’s parents, but because I just want to get in there and start doing stuff already. LOL! (Also, because I miss having my own washing machine… I’ve actually started to take my washing to my parents place to do it as I don’t get strange looks from my mum in regards to how I do my washing, but that’s another story altogether….)

Today, being Sunday, is normally the day hubby and I do stuff around the house. Saturday is spent with him at work and me doing the majority of the housework (but he didn’t work yesterday so we did the naughty thing and went shopping for something for the house and ended up putting some new cushions on layby for our outdoor setting… they are gorgeous and I love, love, love them!!), and Sundays are for our little projects. So being that we are currently in between houses, I found myself at a loss. I really, really wanted to do something, to create something, but I had nowhere to create anything for. This led to me sitting on the couch driving my hubby crazy because I kept thinking of things to do and then going “Nah… I don’t really feel like that, I want to make something”. This went on for about half an hour until I remembered the garden feature I had been thinking of over the last few weeks and that was it… I was off grabbing a pen and paper and sketching it out.

A dodgy photo of my sketch…

Wall Feature Plan

The idea is that it will be a wall feature on the back fence. The back panel will be made out of merbau (I love the rich colour of it) and it shall have a planter box at the bottom filled with some of the funky purple flax with a yucca on either side to finish it off. Then, the large panel will be rendered blue-board with a yet to be found metal gecko. The gecko will be mounted onto the blue-board with a few little LED lights behind it so it will light up the edges at night, with some small spot lights placed just in the front of the box shining up onto the gecko as well. At first I was thinking the spot lights would look best up the top but since changed my mind as they may be a little bright up there, I really only want it to be subtle.

Anyways, after showing hubby he started to get quite excited by the idea (He’ll be the one doing most of the work!) and we then spent the afternoon browsing Bunnings for the bits and pieces we’ll need (Seriously, who doesn’t love just browsing through Bunnings?). Of course it’ll still be a few weeks till we can get started on it but it feels good to have the plan made and hubby on board with it.

So that’s where I’m at now, stuck with drawing plans on paper and dreaming of what it will be like when we finally move in. I also look forward to seeing exactly what our feature wall will look like when its done, will have to keep you all updated on how it goes! Right now I think I’m off to start planning the laundry… x



  1. Congratulations and best of luck. My muse and I bought our house almost three years ago so I can relate to the excitement associated with this occasion. Yay for you!

  2. Aww thanks! There’s definitely plenty of excitement! By the time we move in I’m going to have a list a mile long for hubby to do! haha! His excitement may wear off faster than mine 😉

  3. I love your dodgy sketch because this is how things work in our house too!! I do arty concept sketches then argue with my husband about what it actually means/what I want (he’s an engineer and expects technical drawings to be just that…and to scale….pfft as if!) – I’m the designer he’s the tradey… works out ok in the end though – good luck with your plans!

    • haha! Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one then. Hubby says he understands exactly what I’m after from this sketch but we’ll see what happens when he actually goes to make it, LOL! I don’t think I’ll leave him alone with my plans just in-case!


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