It’s official… We are home owners!!!

As the title says, we are home owners!! (Well… nearly) Woop Woop!

Our finance got approved today and the contracts are on their way so we are definitely a step closer.

I tell you, I thought I had dealt with a lot of phone calls going through the process but it was nothing compared to the amount of calls I made and received today… almost to the point where I wanted to smash my phone I was getting sick of it (Even though it was all mostly good news).

So, I am again on Cloud 9 and really starting to get quite excited about it. I’ve tried to contain it for the last 2 weeks for fear of disappointment if our finance was declined which would then mean we’d have to start renting again and lose this beautiful house we had found. (Although my back up plan if it did get declined was to spend our deposit money on an overseas holiday to console ourselves, LOL!). Thankfully though our Mortgage broker (From Aussie Home Loans if your in Aus) knew his stuff and came up trumps, and managed to save us about $4000 on our LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) which is a tidy little bonus thank you very much!

Friday is the day we pay the rest of the deposit (we agreed to 5% of the purchase price) and then there really isn’t much left for us to do except wait… and wait… and wait! LOL!

As for the actual day of moving in, I’ve been trying to convince hubby we should hire removalists to do it for us, especially seeing as we just finished packing up our rental last weekend… the thought of moving all over again in 8 weeks is not very appealing but I’m sure I’ll be more excited about it closer to the day… It’s just soooo much work! Think I may never move out of our new house once we get there, LOL!

So, with 52 days till settlement (That’s 52 more days living with my inlaws) I’m sure I’m going to have lots of decorating ideas ready for when we finally get the keys and I’ve even started scouring the internet for some new pieces around the house (New couch and fridge!! YAY!) And I’ve got plenty ideas for the backyard which I’m sure will keep hubby busy!


For now I guess I’ll just have to be happy with driving past it every night on my way home from work and planning the front yard (I can’t decide if I want a front fence or not yet) and knowing that soon we’ll have our very own place to do with as we please!

I’ll have to get some photos up when I can!

Now, I’m off to get a glass of wine and celebrate!  Think my inlaws have gotten used to me coming home and having a wine each night… at least I hope so, coz I’m not going to stop or it would be a very long 52 days! 😉



  1. Congratulations I am so happy for you. What an exciting time.

    • Thanks Judy! It’s pretty exciting… Currently hard at work atm designing our outdoor feature wall! (It’s a busy, busy morning here in the office, can’t you tell?) =)


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