Life with the in-laws

Two days in… Where do I start?

Well, I haven’t divorced Hubby yet so I guess that’s a good thing.

To bring you up to speed, Hubby and I have just moved out of our old rental place while waiting for the house we just bought to settle, assuming our finance comes through (Please, please, please let it come through!!!!). For the next 8 and a half weeks we shall be living with his parents… Does that say it all or do I need to explain more?

I didn’t think so, but I will!

Sooooo it’s been 2 days now and I guess its not too bad. I get along with his parents really well so there was never an issue there but you know how things are always different when you live with someone? Especially when those people don’t have any set routine because one of them works odd hours and they are in the middle of separating and have trouble communicating with each other as it is. (See, awkward!)

My normal weeknight routine used to go something like this:

Finish work

Go to supermarket and get what we need for dinner

Go home and cook dinner

Do dishes and any washing

Chill out on couch with hubby and a glass of wine

Last night went a little like this:

Finish work

Call hubby on way home to ask “What are we going to do for dinner tonight?”

Hubby: “Dunno, Dad will have organised something”

Me: “Errr, Okay”

Get “Home”:

Hubby to his Dad: “What are we doing for dinner?”

His Dad: “Err, I dunno, I haven’t thought about it, wasn’t sure what was going to happen”

Me: “I don’t mind cooking”

His Dad: “No, I’ll cook… What do you want?”

*He starts going through the pantry pulling out tins of spaghetti*

His Dad: “We can have a can each?”

Hubby: “No, no, Kay can cook!”

So, it was decided… We were off the supermarket to get something for dinner.

Can I just interrupt here and say that in my own home I’m a Master-chef in the making, I cook when I want and what I want (Except when hubby puts in a special request). I know where everything is in my kitchen and I know how to cook perfect meals with my oven, my fry-pan and my saucepan. But I don’t have any of these things anymore… My favorite fry-pan is packed away in storage, not to be seen again for another 9 weeks.

So, we decide on cooking Parmas… you know, simple schnitzel with ham and cheese on top and some vegges.

We get “home” and I put the food on the kitchen bench and tell hubby he has to help me as I don’t know where anything is.  He’s looking around for a fry-pan for me and comes across and electric grill plate thingamabob (I have no idea what it was, I have an electric fry-pan that I love but this wasn’t anything like it). I ask his Dad what the temperature settings are like on it and what he would recommend me to use. He looks at me and says that’s not what he’d normally use to cook something like schnitzels on. Err, Okay, whatever… But I’m gonna use it anyway seeing as you don’t have a fry-pan large enough.

I go to the pantry to get some spray oil out cause you know, the schnitzels are crumbed and they need lots of oil to cook properly. I pull the spray oil out…

His Dad: “Oh, I don’t use oil on that grill… It doesn’t need it”

Me: “Errr, Okay…”

*I proceed to spray the oil on lightly*

After about 15 minutes of the schnitzels not cooking and me giving hubby dagger eyes for not coming to my rescue his Mum comes in and says:

His Mum: “No wonder they’re not cooking, you haven’t used enough oil!!”

Then proceeds to give me a look that says “What the hell are you doing woman? Don’t you know anything?”

This led me to feel like a useless wife who couldn’t cook a meal, all because it’s not my kitchen I’m cooking in and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Dinner ended up being a success though thankfully but it was pretty awkward.

It must be hard for them too and I appreciate them giving us somewhere to stay while we wait for our house, but the next 8 weeks can’t go fast enough.

I can see there is going to be lots of wine drinking and venting with my girlfriends (Although last night I didn’t have a wine… didn’t want my in-laws thinking I was a wino… which I’m not, I promise, I just enjoy a glass every night when I get home from work to unwind) Note to self: May need to find a hiding place to stash a bottle or two for emergency stress situations!

So that was day 2… only another 59 days to go till we move into our own home again!

Now, where did I stash that wine?



  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry! My fiance and I moved in with my parents while we are renovating our home. Let’s just say it’s difficult. Everyone has their own routine and no one wants to step on anyone’s toes. It’s difficult. There are times when my dad will ask “WHAT’s FOR DINNER?” In a very loud voice. I have to have calm and my dad is the complete opposite, so I’ll get agitated and leave the room! I’m sure you’ll do fine. Just keep busy and find something that soothes you!

    • Haha! Yeah I’m fast learning that it’s going to take a bit of adjusting! Day 3 wasn’t too bad so we’ll keep our fingers crossed hey?

      p.s: Hope your renos go well! Looking forward to watching them come along =)

      • Yes, a huge adjustment. As much as you like doing your own thing it somehow affects everyone in the house. It’s hard to make just yourself a sandwich (example haha) without making one for someone else. You feel like you are leaving someone out.
        Thank you! Best of luck with the in-laws!

  2. great post something we can all relate to at one time or another. I am a follower now. cheers Judy

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