Moving Day

Well todays the day.

A few weeks ago I posted a few photos of my kitchen along with a post about how we would be moving in the not too distant future so I wanted to take some photos as a reminder of mine and hubbys first house together.
Needless to say, life got in the way as it seems to do.

A few days after that post we received a letter from our landlord asking us to vacate in 8 weeks time (he’s had plans to knock down our lovely house and put units up the whole time we’ve been here so it wasn’t really a shock to get the letter).
It wasn’t really a problem to us as we were getting ready to purchase our first house but we would have liked a little more time but these things happen don’t they?

Anywhos, I digress…

After doing the house hunting thing for a few weeks in a row we put an offer in on a house we had found. It was perfect and exactly what we had been looking for, and at a great price too! Unfortunately by “offer” I mean “What the agent wanted us to do”.
All the terms in the contract were quite unfair to us and seeing as we were first home buyers we went along with it ever so trustingly. Big mistake! By the time we walked out of her office I was feeling so sick and thinking “What the hell have we just done”?.  Mind you, the house was beautiful and the price we offered for it was what we wanted, but there was no way we could complete the terms agreed to; 30 day settlement from when we signed (not when the vendor signed), 14 day finance, again from when we signed and a couple of other things I don’t wish to remember.
Anyway, after much stress and me not eating for two whole days I convinced hubby I couldn’t go through with the contract so we ‘cooled off’ on the property. Needless to say he was pretty pissed at me because it was a great house but it just didn’t feel right to me.

Lesson learnt: Stick to your guns when it comes to negotiating and if they wont meet you even half way then its not right for you.

We then continued on our house hunting journey, all the while wondering where we were going to move in the meantime.

After looking at many places that we couldn’t even believe someone could live in we came across another house we quite liked.
It needed a bit of doing up but that didn’t bother us, it had a great floor plan and big backyard so we didn’t mind that we needed to reno the kitchen, laundry and bathroom (did I mention hubby is a builder?).

So… We put our offer in and this time we stuck to our guns and walked out of there feeling great.
At the same time as we had seen this place we had looked at another but it was just out of our price range having recently been reno’d.

That night afer putting our offer in I got a call from the other agent from the reno’d house saying they have just dropped the price…!
Talk about bad timing. I explained to the agent we had put an offer in on another house and if it fell through we’d be in touch.
By this stage I had my fingers crossed that our offer wouldn’t get accepted but hey, whatever happened, happened. I would of been just as happy to go through with the sale.
As luck would have it though our offer wasn’t accepted. There had been another offer put in at the same time as ours and they didn’t need finance so even though our offer was higher the vendor went with the cash sale.
Inside I was trying not to show my joy to the agent as he explained all this to me so I tried to keep my stern, dissapointed voice on but it was quite hard I must admit. He must have thought I sounded pretty strange. Thank god he couldn’t see my face as I was smiling form ear to ear! LOL!

The next couple of days went by as we wanted to see this other house just one more time. Saturday morning we drive out to the inspection and look at the lovely, shiny renovated house again and it was decided we would put an offer in. By 4pm that day we were sitting in the agents office signing our name to a contract that we were extremely pleased with and then the wait began. By 6pm that night the agent had called to say our offer wasn’t accepted, did we want to go a bit higher? So we chucked an extra $3000 onto it and said that was it… Take it or leave it. 20 minutes later I get a phonecall back saying “Congratulations, You’ve just bought a house!!!”.

Ok, so this is where I start doing a happy dance around my brother in laws loungeroom with hubby (we were there to watch the footy on Foxtel).

Next thing we know the agent is there on the doorstep for us to sign the new revised offer then he was driving straight to the vendors so they could sign too so it was all a done deal. It all just felt right!

This was all last weekend. Not only has this whole week been filled with furiously packing but its also been lots and lots of paperwork as we get all our finance application papers ready.My hand is sore from signing things and if I never have to look at another contract contract again it will be far too soon!

So, here I am… 8am Sunday morning… Waiting for the removal truck to get here so we can move all our stuff into storage while we wait to hear if our finance is approved. We’re moving in with hubbys parents (yes, I know…) but hopefully, hopefully its only for 9 weeks and then we’ll be in our OWN house.

So keep your fingers crossed for us please, crossed that we get the finance to buy the house and crossed that hubby and I don’t get divorced while living with his parents.

Oh, I think the truck just got here… Guess I better start getting these boxes out, we’ve got a big day ahead and I hope your Sunday is much more relaxing than mine is going to be!

Remember: Fingers crossed!!!! =)


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