Day 1 | Photo a day May challenge

Okay so it’s currently 6:40pm and I’ve just taken my first days photo.  The theme for today was ‘Peace’  and I kept trying to think of different ways I could show this without doing the typical peace sign with my hands.

I thought it would be cool to get a picture of a monk being all peacefull but unfortunatly they are in short supply around here and it would be the end of May by the time I found one.

My next idea was a photo of a sleeping baby… Then I remembered I don’t have one of those and I’m sure my darling sister in law would have been anyything but peaceful had I accidentally woken her peacefully sleeping 10 week old (coz, you know
… Aunty Kay wouldn’t of been able to help herself from waking the little man for some cuddles too…)

So, while sitting on the couch with my glass of wine and jammies on, thinking away on what I could take a photo of so I don’t fail my first day of the challenge I realised I was quite at peace myself.

Seriously… Sitting there on my couch all cozy, watching tv, not having to rush around like a mad woman at work I was the most calm and at peace I was ever going to get today.

So here it is… Nothing flash or fancy like I imagined but its a small glimpse into one of the best parts of my day (the others being my first coffee of the day or lunch!)


Day 1 | Peace


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