Mr. Spunky Monkey

On Sunday I got to photograph my 10 week old nephew Patrick.

I may be biased but I do think he is incredibly spunky! I’ve just begun going through his photos and couldn’t resist putting a few up here already.

I will say one thing… photographing children is a lot more challenging than adults! Unfortunately they lack the understanding of what I want them to do and ignore me, happily munching away on their hand, dribbling at the most inopportune moment or giving that big beautiful smile as soon as you put the camera down! Makes me glad I’m not planning on being a child photographer for a living… a little too much patience needed that I just don’t have.

But I did love the 2 hours I got to spend playing around with my little mate though, and any day Aunty Kay can get cuddles is a great day in my book!

Next up, I think I’m going to attempt the May photo a day challenge… a big call, and I bet they’ll mostly be Instagram photos but if it forces me to see the ordinary in a new way then so be it… Here is to hoping I post tomorrow or we’ll know how my 30 day challenge ended up! =)


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