Instagram!! Yes, I’m late to the party…!

So, I’ve been really slack since starting my blog but am hoping thats all about to change.
You see yesterday I upgraded my phone to the oh so lovely Samsung Galaxy s2 and I must say, if I ever thought I couldn’t live without my phone it has just increased 100 fold. (yes, I know… I’m a laggard)
It’s amazing what this tiny piece of technology can do and the very fact I’m currently writing this post from it via the wordpress app without getting frustrated is testament to it.

So, what was one of the first apps I downloaded? Being a lover of photography it was of coarse the Instagram app (along with Photoshop express).
I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and its fair to say I am now ADDICTED! Yes, thats right, there will now be plenty of photo uploads as I now have no excuse for being lazy when everything is quite literally at my fingertips.

So, for now I will leave you with my first Instagram and look forward to sharing my ordinary everyday world in a whole new way (to me anyway!)



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