There is something innately beautiful about flowers. Of coarse they are beautiful, we’ve long since been capturing their sweet scent for perfumes, we give them as gifts and thank-yous or use them to brighten up a garden right? But I also mean the subtle textures and tonal changes that can be found when you get to look at them up close.

When I first fell in love with photography I focused a lot of my attention on them and it seems that a lot of people do too. Maybe its because they can’t move, or tell me to go away when they are sick of posing for my camera. Or maybe its just because I knew there was a beauty there to capture, I just had to try hard enough to find it. After all, when all you have is sight, how do you show a flowers beauty without its scent?

These were taken using my Tamron  90mm 2.8 Macro lens. I absolutely love this lens. It allows me to see ordinary day to day things, things I’ve seen a million times before in a new way, things I may have never noticed with just my naked eye.


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