Why hello there!

Welcome to my new blog – Click it to me.

What is ‘Click it to me’ you ask?

Well, its my place to share my experiences on my photography journey.  As I pick up tips and tricks or learn better techniques and just generally maneuver my way through the endless lessons, tutorials and discovery of capturing our wide wide world and the beauty in it I’ll try to share my new found experiences with others. It’s also to try and push myself further with little projects and missions, anything to keep me shooting as much as possible, as long as it takes my fancy.

I’d love to do a 365 project, but honestly, I don’t think I have it in me. Kudos to those of you that do them, I have a strong admiration for those that can dedicate themselves like that but I don’t like time restraints or working to deadlines when it comes to my photography (In my day to day life I run a design/print/sign writing business, I have enough of deadlines then thank you very much) and I enjoy photography far too much to ever aspire to be a full time working pro photographer. I know I’d lose the passion for it and that’s something I never want to do. It’s my hobby, my thing, and I take photos because I love to, not because I’m being paid (Although the few shoots I do and get paid for are a bonus!)

My camera of choice (for now) is a Nikon D90, although if your a Canon shooter, I promise I won’t hold it against you.

Your more than welcome to come along with me, it’s always nice to have company!

And please note: All images on this site are copyright to me, please don’t steal them; It’s not nice!

(c) KM Photography



  1. Off to a great start, keep it up. Blogging is a really incredible journey, just like photography

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